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Scandinavian Competitiveness Group


  • Assists you to spot, kickoff and boost excellent innovation and cluster based competitiveness initiatives on all levels and all around the world
  • Provides you with expertise from TCI, the leading global network in the field of competitiveness
  • Departs from your specific needs and offers uniquely selected councelling expertise
  • Offers world leading practices of systematic dialogue and triple helix competition 

Founder Lars Kristofer Eklund has a vast experience of innovation and competitiveness from
private sector, government and academia. He has spearheaded major initiatives in Sweden, Baltic Sea Region, Europe, Middle East and Africa. His recent missions as Director of Competitiveness at the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems VINNOVA and Director on the Board and President of THE COMPETITIVENESS INSTITUTE have rendered him a unique global connectedness and state of the art competence in the field of innovation and cluster based competitiveness. Lars earned his
PhD at the Stockholm School of Economics.